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JBliss Low Vision Systems

 (formerly known as JBliss Imaging, founded by Jim Bliss)

is closing after many years of business serving visually impaired clients. 

We have not had a toll-free number for most of 2015, but our current customers can still reach Judy Adams at the number on this webpage, 650-326-1235, or our email: jbliss.lowvision@gmail.com indefinitely.  While we can offer no upgrades of our products, VIP, PnC E Mail or PnC Memo versions  compatible with Windows 7, we can provide copies of that last version for our loyal customers still using JBliss products, as well as limited phone support.  It has been a good run for our small business, and we've kept the business going since Judy joined Jim in 2001 through when she re-incorporated in 2005. Our best to JBliss customers and to the memory of Jim, for his kindness and many innovations in the field of access technology over the years.

JBliss Low Vision Systems