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Welcome to the JBliss Low Vision Systems website

 where you will find basic information our proprietary software with speech and enlargement, and other low vision products that we offer.


New Contact Information:


·     The easiest way to reach us is by e-mail.  Our NEW e-mail is jbliss.lowvision@gmail.com


·     Or call us at our NEW phone number: 650-326-1235. The phone message will announce that you’ve reached JBliss Low Vision Systems (as well as a personal message service for two of us here). We’re open for business 9-5 Mon. – Fri. PST


·      Our mailing address is 737 Live Oak Ave., Menlo Park, California, 94025. We are a San Francisco Bay Area company, but if you’re not in our area, talk with us about options to check the hardware products we offer.  We can easily send our software demo CDs to you wherever you live in the U.S. or you can download the JBliss demo from our website. (ZoomText demo CDs only provided for U.S. customers)




·      VIP (for Versatile Imaging Processing), scans text and pictures, enlarges and speaks, includes a simple math calculator, a contact database, a basic word processor, and access to over 600 copyright-free books and documents that are indexed and you can bookmark.  You can easily adjust the voice, font, color, mode of presentation of text, enlarge pictures and make other custom adjustments appropriate for your vision needs. Schools and training centers can set up 99 different user settings to accommodate multiple users.  VIP also efficiently links you to our PnC software suite, as described in our product listings.


·      PnC Software Suite (with simple Pick and Click menus)  

o  PnC E-Mail - which works with your Pop3 e-mail provider,

o  PnC Memo  - to create e-mail messages or documents

Note:  PnC Net, our internet access software is included on our demo CD, and comes free with the purchase of the suite.  It uses the simple menus of the other PnC products. You may find it works well for you on the web sites you commonly use – contact us if you have any questions during your 30-day trial, but we no longer support it in terms of upgrades.  As an alternative, we recommend ZoomText for your internet needs, and you can purchase it through us.


All our JBliss software has built-in help features, and you can adjust speech options, colors, presentation modes, and other variables to improve your access to print, pictures, e-mail, and word processor functions. Our JBliss software is compatible with WinXP and Win7. 


A technical note on voices for our products: All JBliss software uses the Microsoft voices on your PC, including "Anna", that comes with Win7.  If you are a ZoomText user, we can also access the "VW Kate and Paul" voices provided on early versions of ZoomText 10. Many users prefer these optional voices, and you can just select them from our menus. If you do not have ZoomText, or if your version uses "ZT Kate and Paul" voices, we can provide the VW voices (which sound the same).  You can hear the VW Kate and Paul voices on our JBliss demo CD. Call us for details.


Note for Mac users:  We offer ZoomText for the Mac, and the Mars HD desktop video magnifier, which can be connected to a Mac, as well as to a  PC, or to an HD TV.




·      ZoomText software, a companion to our JBliss software – you can purchase ZoomText from us in a version with magnification only, or with both magnification and speech, and for the PC or Mac.


·      Compact Desktop Video Magnifiers: Prisma HD and the new Mars HD unit


·      Hand-held Portable Video Magnifiers: The new Snow 4.3” and Snow 7” HD units



We’ve got what you need for your vision aids. Contact us if you have any questions about our software or the other products we offer, updates on product pricing, and for free demo CDs for our JBliss software or Zoomtext. Click on the links below for information about our JBliss software or other low vision products we offer.


PnC E-Mail (part of PnC Suite)

 PnC Memo (part of PnC Suite)

ZoomText, a Companion to VIP and the PnC Software Suite

NEW! Snow 4.3" screen, hand-held video magnifier

NEW! Snow 7" screen, High Def, hand-held model with folding stand

NEW! Mars High Def desktop video magnifier

Prisma HD desktop video magnifier

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737 Live Oak Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025